How Much We Understand The Life With Autism?

Esra Macaroğlu AKGÜL
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The paper includes an introduction to “autism” for those who do not have an adequate information about it or who would like to understand the situation with all details. Parents and schools are the two important agencies that can make life easier for children with autism. Therefore; it is necessary to understand how parents of children with autism think and behave, as well as understanding how teachers and other individuals in schools act towards them. The paper describes autism in the first step and includes discussions about metaphors related to its definitions. These metaphors range from “being a disease” to “being an alien” and there are several others in between. Those who were neither autistics nor having a relative with autism use “autism as a disease” metaphor, while individuals with either autism or having a relative with autism choose to use “autism as neurological diversity” metaphor for autism. Despite the
varieties in metaphors, autism is generally defined as social communication disorder. Very limited language development, having problems of learning with imitating, unfair play with toys and lack of eye contact can be counted among the symptoms of autism. Delayed or no language development may mostly limit this communication. People in the environment of children with autism might need to develop an alternative way to communicate. This creates a stress for parents and people in close relationship with the child with autism. Picture exchange
communication system, sign language and augmentative communication systems are among these alternative ways of communication.
As the first important socialization agent in his life, parents of a child with autism are needed to be well informed and equipped about their children. Being ready for educating and bringing up a child with autism is something can never occur. But there are always some ways to understand
the child better and help him communicate the world properly. The paper discusses parenting stress emphasizing factors related to stress for mothers and fathers.


Autism metaphors, parenting stress in autism, schooling in autism

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Sakarya University Journal of Education | 2011 ISSN: 2146-7455