Grammar Education Within The Framework Of Opinıons Of Turkish Language Teacher Candidates

Müzahir KILIÇ, Ahmet AKÇAY
2.011 764


Turkish language curriculum consists of five teaching fields as speaking, writing, reading, listening and grammar. Grammar takes % 15 percentage of this curriculum in each grade level. In this qualitative study, the grammar teaching field is examined within the framework of opinions of
Turkish language teacher candidates. Semi-structured interview form is used as a data collection tool. 30 Turkish language teacher candidates constitute the sample group of the study. Descriptive analysis is used in data analysis process. In the study, the opinions of Turkish language teacher candidates
about syllabus of grammar field in Turkish Language Teaching programme, the methods used in grammar courses, lecturers and the problems they face; and the necessity of Grammar Teaching course in the scope of Turkish Language Teaching programme is stated.


Grammar, Turkish language teacher candidate, grammar teaching

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Sakarya University Journal of Education | 2011 ISSN: 2146-7455